What are Actuators? Where to find pneumatic actuators?

Actuators are machine components that are responsible for controlling or initiating the motion of a system. Actuators or siłowniki (in Polish) work by using a control signal and require a source of energy for smooth functioning. The control signal can be hydraulic, pneumatic, Electric, or manpower. On receiving energy from an external source, an activator converts this energy into mechanical movement. So we can summarize the use of an actuator by saying that it is a sort of automatic control. Various factors affect the quality and working of an actuator like acceleration, force, velocity, and energy. Different dealers promise to provide you with the desired Actuator, having top-level performance and smooth functioning but only a few can fulfill the claims made. At Pneumatig, you are guaranteed to receive the best quality product with efficient working and make sure that your needs are fulfilled without compromise.

Uses of actuator

Actuators are used to either provide motion to a body or to restrict its motion. Actuators are a division of transducers as they transfer the energy of one kind into motion. The various examples of actuators are Hydraulic cylinders, Electric motors, Comb drives, pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic actuators, etc. These motors are generally used when we need circular motion and are rarely used to produce linear motion. A few simple mechanisms work to bring the conversion of motion from circular to linear. These mechanisms include Using the screw actuators or the wheel and axle mechanism. Actuators are also the hardware component in virtual instruments. The performance of an actuator is measured based on its speed, acceleration, energy, and force. At Pneumatig you can get the best quality actuators that can make your work hassle-free, provide a convenient and easy supply of energy and work smoothly.